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  • 24/7 Help Desk
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  • Access Control
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  • AWS Cloud
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  • Azure Cloud
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  • Colocation
    Evolve your network
  • Continuity Planning
    Planning for the unexpected
  • Data Centers
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  • Desktop Support
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  • Disaster Recovery & Backups
    When you choose SADOS, you ens
  • Firewalls
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  • Google Apps
    Cloud Based E-Mail
  • Google Platform
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  • HIPAA Managed IT
  • Hosted PBX VOIP
    Hosted VoIP Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud
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That's cool and all. But what is SADOS?

Aside from being technology geeks, we’re a small team who cares — about you. You above all, deserve quality technology care that provides peace of mind in an ever complex environment. Just ask some of our clients.
  • SADOS Was a great help, They helped with our initial office wiring, wireless and technical support. SADOS made the initial setup look easier then expected. Now we host all our data on the cloud and can access it virtually from anywhere. Now we have a solid, reputable company that we can rely on for future projects. Thanks SADOS!
    Carrie Delente
    Artique Underground
  • The most pleasing thing about SADOS is that every time we call we get an immediate response with immediate results. SADOS recently replaced our on-site server and did an amazing job helping everyone transition over. our network speeds have increased and now we are much more productive. SADOS provides results, we are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work together.
    Karen Hausler
    Frederick Glass Company
  • Enforme used to host our own data-center, In doing so we had Power Costs, Generator Costs, Cooling Costs, Hardware/Warranty Costs and many other costs that come along with hosting your own equipment. Now we have POP sites all over the world and double the resources at half the cost thanks to the cloud. Our cloud migration was one of the best decisions we could have made thanks to SADOS.
    Eric Delente
    Enforme Interactive
  • SADOS came in and cleaned up the network cabling, installed new workstations, installed a new server, and configured multiple access points, all within a single day. The ease of just walking from building to building and automatically migrating through access points is amazing. My employee's love their new machines and can work even faster now with a server. SADOS definitely helped bring productivity up. Thank You
    Vince Flook
    Vinny's Towing
  • SADOS has been a great help since day one. It's always a great feeling knowing that anytime I need support or even have a question I can reach someone. SADOS is professional and is changing the market, a company that is more concerned about customer needs then their own.
    Ken Tievy
    Diva Displays

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