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Dominick Fair

Dominick Fair

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3 Common Network Problems with Computer Network Setup (And What to Do About It)


Have you ever been in a situation where your computer is very slow or won’t work?

It’s most likely that your computer is experiencing a network problem!

Organizations and businesses rely on a hassle-free computer network for efficient data flow. Thus, a good computer network is crucial for your day-to-day activities.

Your business is bound to be unproductive if these technical network problems hamper your employees’ workflow. You’re also at a higher risk of losing your data. 

Though your IT team may be able to work on most network problems, you’ll save time and money if you can fix them yourself.

Discover the three most common network problems and their solutions.

1. IP Address Conflicts

Operating systems like Windows assign one IP address per device. However, two devices may end up with the same address and cause an IP address conflict. This may also occur when you assign two customers the same address. 

In such a case, the network blocks one of the devices, thus, preventing access to protected files. This can also cause a network lag on the conflicting devices and all machines connected to them.

To avoid this problem, you should reconfigure your IP addresses correctly. Also, try finding unique addresses for every computer system in your business.

2. Connectivity Network Problems

Connectivity issues may occur in terms of slow network speeds, regular drops of network, and no connectivity at all.

Slow connectivity may result from improper planning of your networks. If your business is experiencing very slow speeds, ensure that all the network peripherals are connected and are in good working condition.

You can also use file compression softwares for bulky files. Additionally, analyze your businesses’ network needs and allocate a network bandwidth accordingly and avoid overusing it.

Damaged cables or improper setup of your network peripherals may cause network drops. To solve this, check whether there are any faulty areas. If you find any cut cables or notice any noise from the connections, replace them immediately.

Also, ensure routers, hubs and other network peripherals are set up correctly.

3. Firewall Restrictions

Apart from providing the necessary security, firewalls may restrict file sharing between connected computers. Firewalls protect your computer from malware and threats. Thus, changing security settings to allow network access exposes you to cyber vulnerabilities.

To fix these networking issues, you can adjust rigid firewall settings to allow your connected computers to share data. Adjust your computers’ security settings only after taking to account all security-related risks.

Fix Your Organization’s Network Problems with SADOS

Networking issues are rarely unique and an early diagnosis will reduce the damage. Now that you know the solutions to common network problems their solutions, you can take prompt action when necessary. For very technical network issues, it’s recommended to get a professional. 

If you’re having computer network problems, don’t hesitate to contact with SADOS. We’re based in Bethesda, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, and Rockville in Maryland as well as in McLean, VA. 


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