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Dominick Fair

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

4 reasons to switch to a hosted phone system

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4 Reasons to Switch to a Hosted Phone System

Over the past decade, there have been major changes in technology. Technology will always be non-stop in it’s growth and advancement. The availability and advancement in internet bandwidth has only increased the availability and functionality of business solutions.
In this SADOS blog, we will discuss and analyze 4 Reasons to switch to a Hosted Phone System and why it is right for your business.

Advanced Fully-Featured System

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses still have that hefty Legacy PBX (Private Branch Exchange) sitting in a overheating closet with phones that are going out of date. The positive side is that your phone bill may be a bit cheaper. However, these businesses may not take advantage of the advanced capabilities and features of a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that is the current day standard. Most times, the option of carrying over a Legacy System with a VoIP system is simply not cost-effective.

VoIP Hosted Phone systems are much more robust and can offer so much more for any business. The feature rich system is bound to have your business operating at a much more productive level. Below you may find some of these features:

  • Call Queueing
  • Call Recording
  • Customized Music or Marketing Message
  • Caller-ID and Caller Blocking
  • Virtual Phones on your Workstations
  • Voicemail to Email Integration
  • & More

Cost-Saving & Cost-Effective

Looking back to the Legacy PBX System, there are restrictions and boundaries when planning for this clunky system. You may think you will only need 10 employees and purchase a system that can handle up to 10 employees. This can cause serious problems when your business begins to outgrow your phone system.

Simply put, with a Hosted PBX solution your business has the ability to have a fully-featured system for all of your locations. Everything would be under one bill (seperate if needed) and you would be able to only pay for what you need. If your company employees 20 people who need 20 phones, your bill would reflect 20 phones. The same goes for 200 phones.

The days of the old Legacy PBX system are gone. The age of advanced technology and innovative phone systems are here.

Little to No Maintenance

With a Legacy PBX system, you are bound to having monthly or annual costs for maintaining the on-premise system. Maintenance can cost you a fortune if issues were to arise. There is no way around the problems that typically arise with a Legacy PBX system.

On the contrary, a Hosted PBX system is much easier to maintain. Your VoIP provider does all of the leg work and typically does not charge you for any maintenance of the configurations or setup. More than likely, all of the configurations and adjustments can be done through the Administrative Portal of your VoIP system.

The Cost of your VoIP System is Predictable

A Legacy PBX system has several setbacks. The obvious costs and maintenance of a legacy system are considerably more than a Hosted PBX solution. With a Hosted PBX solution, there is little to no equipment needed other than the physical phones and possibly PoE switches for mid, large and enterprise solutions. Once again, these pieces of hardware are significantly smaller than any Legacy system and can dramatically eliminate the unforeseen costs of a traditional Legacy PBX system. Most providers only charge for the cost per phone.


At the end of the day, the choice between a Legacy Phone system and a Hosted PBX system is based upon convenience, efficiency, and cost. The facts are out there. The pros significantly outweigh the cons when it comes to incorporating a Hosted PBX system. If you ask any business owner with a Legacy system, you will find that they probably have had more headaches than good things to say about the system. The time to switch is now. It is unfortunate to see that the Legacy system is still being used because VoIP systems are much more cost-effective and efficient.

Ask yourself, is it time for a much needed upgrade?

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Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

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