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Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

5 Amazing Benefits of AWS (And 3 Drawbacks) for Your Business


Do you know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) currently supports over 7,500 government agencies and 5000 educational institutions?

If that’s not a seal of approval, we don’t know what is! Known as one of the leading IT companies in the world, AWS is currently one of the top four public cloud computing companies in the globe. 

They provide cloud computing services for big and small businesses everywhere in the world. Even though AWS is a big company, intending clients want to be sure that they can deliver. 

That’s why we have created this article detailing the benefits of AWS as well as its cons. The goal is to give you as much information as is necessary to help you make an informed decision about this cloud computing service.

benefits of aws drawbacks sados

The Benefits of AWS

Understanding the benefits of AWS will help you see that this is a trustworthy platform that’s practically guaranteed to meet your business needs.

1. Ease of Use

When you sign up to Amazon Web Services, you’re presented with a very user-friendly interface called the AWS Management Console.

This server interface provides access to a wide number of applications and services.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a powerful web hosting platform, a new platform to deploy SaaS or migrate an existing software over to. This system works and while it is recommended to have an IT professional manage the system, it doesn’t require an incredibly high level of tech skill or expertise.

Usage is relatively simple as the company provides well-documented web services APIs that you can use to access the platform. 

This basically eliminates the need for an on-site server for your IT needs. When you sign up, you’re essentially renting Amazon’s very infrastructure. This makes it easy to deploy programs, software, and entire IT ecosystems in a timely manner. 

Whether your needs are for a reliable Content Delivery Network or Hadoop Cluster, there are clear benefits of AWS you can take advantage of.

2. Incredibly Diverse Array of Tools

While it was initially meant for cloud storage and computing, it’s expanded into over 70 more services.

This includes database, software, mobile, analytics, and networking.

Bottom line, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your cloud computing and IT needs. It provides a ready to use platform that you can take advantage of to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Also known as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, all its services are available for rent to just about anyone who can afford or needs it. 

You really can’t go wrong with this platform is you have serious or mild IT needs. Since all your needs can be managed by one platform, using the service also saves you the stress of having to keep track of various providers. 

This is a practical choice and one that will save you a lot of time and resources and is one of many benefits of AWS.

3. Unlimited Server Capacity

What are your cloud server demands? Huge, unlimited bandwidth for highly trafficked websites or a secure email hosting service? AWS will handle all that for you.

There’s basically no IT-based need that your business has, that AWS cannot handle. Even better, you can expand or grow as you wish, without worrying about service disruption.

This unlimited capacity is why AWS rules the cloud computing space. In fact, this is service that currently powers and runs hundreds of thousands of businesses, and is used by over a million entities globally. 

If you need a solid place to store your information, this is far better than your regular competing hard drives. In case you didn’t know, about 560,000 hard drives fail every month in the US alone.

And many of those who fail do so partly because of limited storage issues. That’s alarming. If all your business data and information are stored on your hard drive, you’ll end up getting crippled by a single malware or virus. 

Do you really want to risk that? This is just one another one of the many benefits of AWS.

It’s safer and more secure -we’ll talk about that momentarily.

4. Reliable Encryption & Security

One of the key benefits of AWS is its incredible security and capability to keep your information, IT infrastructure and so much more, safe. Last year, about 90 percent of all WordPress sites were hacked.

As if that’s not bad enough, Ars Technica has shown that your drives are not fool-proof. Which means all your documents can be damaged or stolen if you’re not careful. 

AWS provides a more reliable security measure that’s guaranteed to keep your data safe and secure. With 12 data centers scattered across the globe, and another 5 slated to open this year, this is as safe as it gets for your private data and information.  

4. Managed IT Services Are Available

No matter how talented or brilliant you are, there’s a limit to how many hats you can wear.

This extends to managing your company’s IT infrastructure. One of the greatest benefits of AWS is that Managed IT services are easily available and can help make running your business a whole lot easier. 

It keeps your data and information secure, thus ensuring that your business runs as well as it should. With over 60 percent of all businesses shutting down after a serious information breach, you should take this very seriously. 

AWS can help you do this. And if you don’t have the time, a reputable managed IT service provider can take over this part of your operations. 

5. AWS Offers Flexibility & Affordability

One of the major benefits of AWS is its flexibility. With its infrastructure on demand, there’s basically no limit to how much you can use. AWS provides you with various options.

You can choose your preferred OS, web application platform, programming language, and so much more. The platform makes it easy for you to load any service or software you want in a virtual ecosystem.

This makes migration from existing platforms easier and eases the deployment of new ones. Apart from flexibility, you also have the option of affordability.

Imagine a wide array of infrastructure and platforms available to you, at an affordable price. That’s what AWS provides and delivers. So, you can use it on an as-needed basis without worrying about costs piling up when you’re not. 

You would think that the cost of all these infrastructures would be through the roof. Not so. If anything, it’s quite affordable. Unlike any other services that would force you to pay for all services -necessary and unnecessary-, AWS doesn’t.

Instead, all services offered by the company are affordable and billed on a per-use basis. There are no upfront payments or contracts. This is as easy as it gets.

And it comes in handy for small businesses on tight budgets looking to grow without paying a small fortune for web services and is considered another one of the benefits of AWS you can take advantage of.

Disadvantages of AWS

As with all technology, AWS is not without its many disadvantages. Tech isn’t 100 percent perfect yet, and Amazon has its fair share. Let’s examine some of its cons. 

1. Billing Can be Confusing

As amazing as AWS is, it has a major flaw in its billing -it can be quite complicated. For the small non-techy business owner, this can be confusing.

Which is why it might be better to work with a reseller. They’ll still give you the same services, only this time, you’ll be able to understand the invoice or billing.

If you don’t mind that though, it shouldn’t be a problem. The one thing you ought to know though is Amazon is as transparent as they come. The benefits of AWS ends here. We’ve discovered on multiple occasions where users have racked up enormous bills without their knowing.

2. Amazon’s EC2 Limits

A second downside with AWS is its limiting of resources by region. So, where you’re located or your region can determine just how many resources you’ll have access to.

Also, as a new user, AWS prevents you from using too much resource and spending a lot of money. This is a protective measure designed to prevent people with malicious intent from using its resources to launch hack attacks. 

Unfortunately, information regarding the amount of resource used can be somewhat limited. However, you can always request a resource increase if you need more. 

These measures are put in place to ensure the security and safety of all clients on the platform. So, it shouldn’t be an issue per-se if your intentions are pure. 

3. Common Cloud Computing Problems

Some of the concerns that come with migrating to cloud computing include backup protection, risk of data leakage, privacy issues, security, downtime, and limited control.

While it’s normal to be concerned about these possible problems (and yes, they can happen), the cloud computing system already has most, if not all these covered. 

These problems are not just unique to AWS, they’re common among cloud computing companies generally. But, since Amazon understands the importance of securing these, your business won’t have to deal with any of that. 

Should You Use AWS?

Well, the choice is yours, really. The benefits of AWS are pretty great -enough for anyone to want to check it out. But, we also understand that there are possible cons. 

With the information we’ve provided, you should be able to make an informed decision about this now. However, if you still need help with making a decision, get in touch with us at Sados, and we’ll be sure to help. 

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

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