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Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

AWS Support Plans: Learning about Amazon’s Web Server System

aws support plans

The business world has been disappearing into the cloud. The most recent statistics from RightScale’s State Of The Cloud survey shows that 96% of business owners are using cloud-based products and services.

It’s no surprise, really. Cloud computing is infinitely scalable and inherently flexible. It’s a dream come true for companies using mobile technology and remote workers, which is most of us at this point.

Amazon’s Web Server is a popular cloud server, due to its security and expandability. Let’s take a look at some AWS support plans to help you decide which would be the best fit for your business.

Guide To AWS Support Plans

First, let’s find out a bit more about AWS Support. Then we’ll look at AWS support levels and individual plans.

What Is AWS Support?

Not everybody who signs up for cloud services is tech-savvy. You might just be hoping to update all of your field agent’s mobile accounts at once, or upload a single photo so that all of your employees can access it.

AWS customers who are experiencing a problem can contact AWS support. You can access support 24 hours a day and talk to IT professionals in a variety of fields.

AWS Support Levels

There are four main levels of AWS – basic, developer, business, and enterprise.

Basic AWS support offers 24/7 access to customer support and support forums. It also gives AWS subscribers access to all documentation and whitepapers. It doesn’t offer any tech support, however. Basic AWS is included when you sign up for Amazon’s cloud services.

All three other plans all offer technical support as well as customer assistance. The developer plan offers up to 7 Trusted Advisor checks. Business and enterprise plans offer the full set of Trusted Advisor checks.

Developer Plan Offers:

  • Guidance for best-practices
  • Diagnostic tools for clients
  • Architecture support, to learn to use AWS tools together

AWS Tools covered by developer tools include AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodeDeploy.

Business and Enterprise AWS plans feature:

  • Further guidance for architecture support, including specific uses and case studies
  • Infrastructure event management
  • AWS concierge
  • Account manager for technical problems
  • Management business reviews

Developer plans are as little as $29/month. An enterprise-level plan costs up to $15k each month. Think carefully before deciding which AWS support plan is right for you!

If you’re just hosting a website, a basic AWS plan will likely meet your needs. If you’re going to be building or deploying apps, you might want to consider a developer or business plan might be your best bet.

Only major-level tech firms and agencies would need the enterprise level. You’d be advised to start with one of the lower AWS support plans and see how AWS pace of innovation holds up to your enterprise’s needs.

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Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

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