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Dominick Fair

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Cloud Computing

cloud computing in bethesda md

It’s time to fly into the 21st century.

Cars drive themselves, drones drop packages off at your door, and robots are giving people a chance to explore.

As a business owner, you know technology provides the tools by opening a greater vortex in the playing field.

Less time spent on menial issues at hand, means more time for your business to get creative and expand.

So how do you leverage the technology to grow your company?

The best way to compete in this day and age is to work with a managed service provider who’s mastered the high-tech machinery that will help your business soar.

Right now, cloud computing is one of those tools that all business owners should be embrace head on.

By reaching out to our team here in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area you gain the knowledge and expertise of the times. You learn about how cloud computing, can provide everything your business needs while gaining you time.

From file-sharing to real-time communication with employees, contractors, clients and more. You’ll find the cloud is like knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door.

So, consider the following points to see exactly why cloud computing can revolutionize your company’s structure, efficiency, and growth.

1. Your Company is Growing & Needs Secure Storage

First off, secure storage is where cloud services truly shine.

If you’re filling up hard drive after hard drive, you’re only making your business more old-school and archaic than it has to be.

While there’s plenty of merit in having access to your files, physical hard drives should be one of the places that you’re backing up your files.

Now in 2019, the cloud presents more opportunities for storage than ever imaginable.

You can have infinite storage space when you use the cloud, while accessing all this information from wherever you are in the wide world- securely.

Your company is growing,  and it is time to be mindful of the way its technological resources are scaling. Having our team set you up with access to cloud storage platforms will set your business into take-off mode.

So hold on tight, you are about to join forces with technology.

2. Collaborative Tools

Businesses are turning to cloud computing these days because of the shocking benefits accessible through collaborative tools.

Examples? Ongoing streams that compile chat logs, instant messages, brainstorming sessions for psychological engagement, and vast of communication. The time of corded phones seems but a century old.

People are using services like Slack, Skype and meeting platforms more than ever, and for grand reason.

These are the tools that will set your company ahead of the rest so that you always have access to brainstorming and collaborative platforms that save you time, engage your team mentally, and help your business shoot for the stars.

In this day and age, with the right technological implementations, you can have a shop of 2 or 3 people and conduct business. Just a couple of years ago, what would have taken at least a dozen people, takes one computer today.

3. Up-to-Date Infrastructures

The cloud is the next evolution of technology.

Don’t fall behind, get ahead, get with the times, and watch as other business become obsolete because they were not using cloud computing but you got hip to it.

There are no longer corded phones in your Mercedes Benz because bluetooth exists, and now there are no more fall backs because cloud computing persists.

It persists your company into the future through have rock-solid internet connectivity that’s fast and responsive.

Upgrading to full-fledged cloud computing services is the logical next step in terms of security and cost.

Bring out some cloud computing pros by calling us today to take a look at your workplace. We’ll help, and you’ll see how the cloud makes it all happen. It’s called transparency.

4. Downtime

Uptime is essential for any business to compete and complete work. It only makes sense to switch to technology that improves your uptime.

If you’re tied down to one machine, losing a file or having an issue can bring your entire operation to a screeching halt.

Conversely, having access to the cloud makes it so that these sorts of things don’t happen.

Eliminating downtime is such a serious issue that industries like healthcare and education are putting cloud computing to use faster than ever before.

When you’re using the right cloud services, you can exponentially improve your uptime and enhance the way you do business.

5. Remote Workers

The cloud is a necessity if you have a number of people working remotely, whether it be employees or contractors.

It links the overpass between the distance you have and connects your employees with a collaboration  and engagement- like you’re in the same room.

Be sure that you’re upgrading to cloud services that allow for everyone to see the same screen and fulfill their deadlines on any given project in a zoom.

The cloud is a goldmine when it comes to remote connectivity. It lets you do business with people all over the world without time zones and geography. There are no such thing as barriers anymore -just flexibility. And more flexibility means more profitability.

6. Forms of Communication

Be sure that you’re getting the most out of your company. It’s easy with technology, and now you can be up to date with communication method changes.

Speaking of now, right now, voice over IP phone services and Software as a Service (SaaS) are both insanely popular and they are but of course in the cloud.

Right now, your business can communicate effectively when you implement these services and make the move to the cloud.

7. Disaster Preparedness

Finally, the cloud gives you the chance to avoid even the worst IT disasters.

You can create backup after backup and get back online with no problem with the cloud. This is an insurance policy in itself and is a must for any business in this day and age.

Get Cloud Computing in Maryland, DC or Virginia

We invite you to soar into current trends and watch your business take-off. Consider the points we reviewed above and make the move- get in touch with us today.

Still thinking about it? You don’t have to think about it, robots can do that for you. Learn more about cloud computing platforms and how they can help or call us and we’ll walk you through it all.

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

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