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Dominick Fair

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

Can’t Take My Eyes off of You: How Cloud Monitoring Can Make Your Business More Efficient

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Growth. Efficiency. And greater profits.

These are all goals you put intense time and effort into achieving for your small or medium size business. But is there something you’re missing?

You can’t be everywhere at once, but it’s possible someone (or something) can be. Let cloud monitoring check on your digital business activities so you can focus on improving your business. Here’s how it can help.

What Is Cloud Monitoring?

Before you read about all the benefits below, you deserve an explanation of what cloud monitoring is.

In essence, you can analyze everything digital your company does. Everything from internet activity to cloud storage, to all the virtual networks and data processing your company does–it’s included in the term, and it’s part of how you can make your company more efficient.

Cut Down on Employee Downtime

If employees know you’re monitoring their cloud activity, they’ll use it in a more responsible way. They won’t want to get caught sloughing their work, so they’ll be more diligent to stay on task.

Motivating employees is hard when you try and do it on your own. Which employees use the system the most? You can better reward them for great work when you can see their activity.

Hone Your Staff with Cloud Monitoring

Having a team of hard workers and people who love the company helps you accomplish more during the workday. If you monitor how employees use your computers, you can eliminate anyone on staff who is dishonest or using company time for personal things.

The better the team, the swifter you’ll fulfill client requests and have repeat customers.

Train Employees

When you use cloud monitoring to know what programs your employees use least, you can find out the reasons behind the data. If you find out it’s because they aren’t sure how to use the program, you can provide the tutorials they need.

Employees might be afraid to tell you when they’re having trouble because they think you’ll hire someone with more experience. Rather than firing someone who has already knows the company and your product, find out with cloud monitoring what help to give them so they can succeed.

Boost Security

Security problems are a lot fewer when you monitor user logins in the cloud. Check into the situation when you notice a user logging in from overseas or from an unlikely location.

Likewise, when you notice a user who hasn’t been active for awhile logging in after their hiatus, you can check into the problem and find out what they’re doing in your system. Cloud monitoring helps you know where the dangers are and how to avoid them right away.

Redirect Your Efforts

Your company can use cloud monitoring to its advantage to boost profits and make the team more cohesive. Cut down on downtime, hone your staff, provide training, and boost security when you employee cloud monitoring to keep track of it all for you.

Setting this monitoring system up is easier with the experts. Hire a managed IT company like SADOS today.

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Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

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