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How Do I Find What Computer Motherboard I Have?

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Your computer is the livelihood of your business. If it’s not running properly, you lose precious time out of your workday, which could cost you more money than you were prepared for.

If any of your business computer’s internal parts go down, you will need replacements. Getting them replaced isn’t quite that easy, though. You will need to make sure you replace them with the correct ones or you’ll have more problems to deal with.

The computer’s motherboard is the brains of your desktop. GCF’s computer basics tutorial shows you how the inside of a PC works, starting with motherboard. It keeps all the other components plugged into it, working together so you can calculate, create and save important data. If you know the particular model of the board on your PC, you can easily find the parts that are compatible with your system. Finding the model number can be done in a few different ways. First, we’ll talk about all types of computers that have a motherboard, and then we’ll look at how to find the model number on your PC.

Types of Computers That Have Motherboards

All sorts of electronic equipment have some type of motherboard that keeps it running. This includes our smartphones and gaming consoles. But, when it comes to computers we work with daily, there are a few different types that use a motherboard to run their computer systems.

Ones you may work with are:

Supercomputers – The largest and most expensive ones available. They’re often used by scientists and engineers that use them for collecting calculations and data for their important projects.

Mainframe – Mainframe computers perform numerous operations at once for many different tasks. Data processing and statistical projects will often use one of these to sort out collected information.

Servers – This is a server computer that allows many users to connect to and store data within the server system. It can store both data and applications.

Workstation computers – These are used by industrial and large corporations that need calculations for engineering or manufacturing tasks.

Personal and business computers– These are the most common types of computers used. Many people have a pc at home whether it’s a desktop or laptop, that they use for their personal entertainment. Business computers are the same as personal ones, except they may use different types of software programs to perform tasks related to their business.

How to Find the Model Number for Your Windows 10 and Windows 7 Desktops

If you find that you need to replace the motherboard in your computer, you will need to know the model number of the one you currently have, so you can get one that will work for your pc. That will be important unless you’re prepared to replace all the other components within your computer.

You may be wondering, like many people, “What model of motherboard do I have?” It’s not that hard to find out and it doesn’t involve opening up your computer case to figure it out, although that is an option. The easiest way to look for it is through your operating system.

For those wanting to know “What motherboard do I have with Windows 7?”, there are some simple steps to try. You’ll need to access your computer’s system information. You can do that by opening up the start menu in your Windows 7 operating system. At the bottom of the start menu is a search bar. Type in system information and a list of results should pop up. Click on the system information option and it will bring up that screen.

You can also select All Programs in your start menu and click on the Accessories folder. Then select System Tools and click on the System Information from there. The box that pops up will have an option for System Summary. Click on that and it will show all kinds of info about your pc. You’re looking for System Model. This is the number you will need to find the motherboard that will work for your computer.

You may be one that’s wondering “What motherboard do I have for Windows 10?” That’s also simple to find. Simply click (or tap if you have a touch screen) on the search icon next to your start menu button on your Windows 10 OS. Type system information or msinfo32 in the search bar and select the one that says System Information desktop app. You can also go to your start menu, scroll down to Windows Administrative Tools, and select System Information. Also, you can give a voice command that will instruct Cortana to bring up the window for you as well.

Once you find the System Information screen, look for System Model and it will give you the info. If it doesn’t, look for the Baseboard product. It will give you the model number of the motherboard so you can find one that’s compatible with your computer.

If you find it too difficult to locate, just give us a call, we can walk you through it step by step. As a matter of fact, we can help you with any computer need you may have.

What Exactly Can Sados Support Do for You?

How Do I Find What Computer Motherboard I Have?
Computer repair service.

Whether you own a business that doesn’t have an IT department, or you’re just not happy with the one you currently use, contacting us could bring you peace of mind. Sados is an affordable, comprehensible IT support company that has your back no matter what problem you may be experiencing with your computer systems.

Here’s a small portion of services we offer:

  • Exceptional Managed IT Plans for optimal IT support that you can tailor to the exact needs of your business.
  • Network Optimization for when you struggle with keeping your system up to date in an ever-changing tech world.
  • Computer and Hardware installation for when an upgrade is needed or when another program proves to be more efficient for your business.
  • IT Disaster Recovery from highly-skilled technicians that can evaluate your current system and offer solutions for prime data protection.


Let’s face it, your time is valuable and dealing with computer issues can be an unwanted task in an already busy day. Why add more to your plate, when a group of experienced IT experts, like us, can handle the everyday IT tasks, from routine maintenance to IT repair and everything else in-between. We’re here 24/7 so if an Emergency situation arises with your computers, we can access it remotely to pinpoint the issues and resolve them quickly so you can get your business back on its feet fast. Give us a call or check out website for more details on all the services we offer.

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

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