VoIP how-to’s: configuring call blocking

SADOS Voice allows you to block given phone numbers from inbound and/or outbound calling.

To create a new Call Block, click on “Call Blocking” then click “New Call Block”:

  • Phone Number – the phone number to be blocked, either for incoming or outgoing calls
    Direction – defines whether we’re blocking this number for inbound or outbound calls
    Play – if we’re creating an outbound call block, then we need to select what we want the user to hear when they attempt to call this number. They can either hear a busy signal, or a generic, pre-recorded message stating that the number has been blocked.
    Comment – optional, perhaps a reason why this number is being blocked, who the number belongs to, or other general information about the call block.
  • Note: Inbound calls will hear a busy signal, no recording is available. No wild cards are available in call blocking, the complete number you wish to block must be listed.

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