VoIP How-To’s: Configuring hold music

SADOS Voice allows you to upload your own hold music, or professionally recorded commercial recordings.

To create a new Hold Music Group, click on “Hold Music” tab, then click “New Group”:

Name – Please provide a name for the group of tracks (recordings/music).
Use for outbound calling? – To use this Hold Music Group for all outbound calls, select “Yes”. Note: The system uses only one single Hold Music Group for all outbound calling.
Save and Add Tracks – To add tracks to the Group, click “Save & Add Tracks”. You will then be able to browse for the .mp3 file you wish to upload.
Save – Click save if want to save the current group without adding any tracks.
If you would like to use the group for inbound calling that is configured in the Phone Number screen.

Please note: Tracks must be in .mp3 or .wav format, the maximum quota for Music On Hold is 60MB, and each track must be no larger than 10MB.


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