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Dominick Fair

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

When Should You Outsource Your Company’s IT?

when to outsource

Is your cybersecurity sufficient to meet your business needs? According to the E.I. Global Information Security Survey, 86% of respondents report that their cybersecurity functions fail to meet their needs. Many businesses just find this challenge beyond them.

Outsourcing your IT services can help you manage these and other challenges. Trying to determine when to outsource your IT services? Read on to learn, when it can make sense.

You Need Better Cost Control

Fixed IT costs can give your CFO a headache. Switching these fixed costs to variable costs under an IT outsourcing arrangement gives you more financial flexibility.

You Need to Reduce Labor Costs

IT staff can be expensive to attract, retain and keep up to speed. The more you train them the more attractive they are to other employers. The longer you have them the more expensive it is to keep them or to replace them.

If you outsource IT these labor costs become the IT outsource company’s concern. You pay for the IT services. The IT outsourcing supplier is often much better at managing the IT people costs than you are.

You Need Greater Efficiency

If you need to improve your efficiency you may find outsourcing IT can help you do this. A new project often means a learning curve for everybody involved including your IT people. This learning curve costs you money.

Using an IT outsourcing service means that the IT people are already up to speed. This makes for a more efficient implementation and lowers costs.

You Need Flexible Support

Some IT needs are not consistently demanded at all times. They may ebb and flow in demand. This is difficult to support if you directly employ your IT people.

Using a managed IT support service means you can buy your services as and when you need them. This meets your need for flexibility.

You are Out of Date

The rate of change in technology is such that it’s easy to get out of date. How do you get back up to speed? How do you maintain this?

Keeping in-house IT people up to speed is expensive and takes them away from their day-to-day support roles. When you use an outsourced IT support service keeping up-to-date becomes their problem. Because they need to do it for all their clients, they do this as a matter of course.

You Need Better IT People

If you have a critical project you need quality IT people to support it. Attracting, recruiting and retaining them for the duration of the project can be a challenge. This is especially tough if you are likely to relinquish many of them after the project is completed.

IT support businesses do this all the time. A managed IT services company worth its salt will have quality people to deliver projects for a number of clients. If you need better people, outsource them.

When You Need to Concentrate on Your Business Is When to Outsource

Whatever business you are in, there are times when you need to concentrate on your business. You can do without the distractions of managing IT and IT people. This is when to outsource your IT services.

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Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

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