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Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

IT Emergency: Why Isn’t My Computer Working?

computer crash

Are you having an IT Emergency

Inside your computer is your entire world. From access to your company bank accounts to work documents, it seems like everything you need is on one hard drive. Computers are wonderful until they stop working, which always seems to be at the worst possible moment. 

When this happens, it’s time to take a deep breath and relax. You can find help. Everything is going to be okay. An information technology (IT) emergency can be resolved quickly and efficiently by a managed IT service. 

There are a variety of reasons that your computer has stopped working properly. It could be a faulty hard drive or power source. You might have a virus or malware attack occurring on your computer. In some cases, you may have stored a file in one location but believe it be in a different place.

Before you stress yourself out, you need a full-service IT support company to get you back up and running. Here are some things a full-service IT support company can do for you:

Managed IT Services

Your IT support company can manage your IT support around the clock to keep your system protect and running at optimal levels. Most companies offer a full range of managed services so your company can find one that meets your needs and budget constraints. The benefits of managed IT service includes:

  • Experience optimized programs and services so that your business runs more smoothly. Without a managed IT service, you may find your computers slowing down or stopping completely.
  • Immediate responses. If you experience an unexpected computer issue, the company that you enlist your managed IT service through will make your issues a priority and move your repairs to the head of the queue. 
  • Leave short-term solutions behind, You want your business to be ready for anything and full-time managed IT service is always on the job. 

IT Networking Services

Your company’s network keeps your business’s computers humming along and able to access the information they need at any given time. You need a full-time company for your IT networking services. They can also help keep your company updated with the latest software and technology. Here are some benefits to consider:

  • Customization. No matter what your company does, it’s unique. You need a network that works for you, and IT networking services will customize your network to meet those needs.
  • Monitored and managed. Your IT service provider should monitor and care for your system 24/7 to stop any issues before they become problems. 
  • Regular audits. The IT service provider will regularly evaluate your system and advise you of any upgrades that will help 
An IT support employee running diagnostics on a laptop computer.

Computer Hardware and Software Installation

Whether you’re upgrading your OS, installing software, or repairing a computer, get the expertise of our specialists for your requirements. You can hand over the hassle of these routine matters to an expert. There are other benefits to consider, such as:

  • Knowledgeable assistants. You have access to certified technicians who can help you at almost any time.
  • Immediate support. A full-service IT company will be available to help you 24/7. 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. If the service can’t repair your hardware or install your software correctly, most companies will refund your money since they didn’t actually fix the issue.
  • Unbiased recommendations. Your IT service works with many customers and interacts with the companies that make software. They see which software programs make the biggest impact on businesses like yours and can recommend the best solution. 

Cloud Computing Services and Virtualization 

Access your data from anywhere in the world. The concept of cloud is tried and proven, move your business to the cloud today. You can rely on its availability, and there are a variety of cloud-based apps to help your company run more smoothly and effectively. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Secured data. The cloud uses SHA encryption so that you can find, open, make changes, and save files quickly and securely. 
  • Improved business operation. When you move your work into the cloud, you find a more secure solution. The cloud also helps you more easily collaborate with people in other offices or locations. 
  • Backup you can count on. You’re always worried about losing your data, but that isn’t an issue with cloud computing services. There are multiple backups and you can access a copy of your files and restore lost information with a single click. 

Office 365 Cloud Services

Office 365 is a cloud communication solution allowing your staff to work anytime from anywhere with email accounts and calendars synced on any device. This makes unified collaboration a seamless reality. This is the same Microsoft Office software that your team is already familiar with, making it an easy transition. Here are some benefits, including:

  • Reliable support. When you have issues and need help, you’ll find that you have a single point of contact who knows and understands your account and unique needs.
  • Low, predictable monthly rate. You get the best and most effective office software for a low, fixed price so you don’t get any unexpected billing surprises. 
  • Easy installation when you buy a new computer, laptop, or tablet. When your business scales up and you need to add Office 365 to new computers, you’ll find tutorials and support available to you and your team. 
  • Managed setup and maintenance. When you sign up for this service, technicians will install the cloud link on your systems and maintain the software for your company. 

Disaster Recovery Plans Prevent an IT Emergency

When the worst happens and your data is gone, you need a team of experts to recover it. An IT service will have a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in data recovery, computer consulting, set-up, and installation of hardware and software and removal of data before disposal or repurposing. Here are some things to consider: 

  • Preventative strategies, Your IT service will create a plan to keep your data safe in case of an accidental wipe. They will also install safeguards to keep the information from being wiped in the first place.
  • Focus on your business. With a recovery plan in place, and your data backed up, you can take care of what’s most important. Your day-to-day business matters.

At Sados, we take pride in offering full-service IT support. We can do more than explain why your computer isn’t working right now. We can help keep your computer working in the future, install new software and hardware, and plan for disaster recovery. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer. 

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

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