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Dominick Fair

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The Future of Business: Managed IT in the Cloud

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Your IT system is one of the most important parts of any business, but it’s also one that many owners don’t want to deal with. And why should they? It can be time-consuming and expensive to maintain your own IT department when you readily could outsource this responsibility. The good news is that there are plenty of managed IT services providers that will take care of all your needs at a fraction of what you would pay in-house!

Today, we’ll discuss some of the best managed IT services you can outsource to improve your business.

Managed Hosting

When a third party manages all aspects of hosting and infrastructure for your company’s web presence, it saves time and money. These providers will handle everything from storage and servers to firewalls and security to backups and disaster recovery.

Managed Applications

Many companies that hire outsourced IT professionals also opt for a managed applications service provider (MSP). This is especially true of smaller businesses with fewer resources who need help optimizing their current software while still saving money over the long run by avoiding expensive licenses or infrastructure upgrades.

Office 365

Small businesses are flocking to Microsoft’s hosted Exchange and SharePoint platforms, which offer secure access from anywhere via the browser or mobile device along with additional features like eDiscovery (for compliance purposes), HIPAA/HITECH controls for healthcare organizations, archiving capabilities, etc. It also offers unlimited storage space.

Cloud Storage

Going along with the cloud trend, more and more small businesses are migrating away from expensive on-premise storage solutions to inexpensive cloud options. These providers allow users access via the browser or mobile device so you can work anywhere. They also provide automatic backup functionality and easy file sharing capabilities for your team members (like Box and Dropbox).

Managed Network Security

Suppose you need to protect your systems from malware, spam/phishing threats, hackers, and other cybercriminals out there who want access to sensitive company data (or even credit card numbers). In that case, managed network security is a must. This level of security will monitor all devices on the internal network for any suspicious activity and block it before the damage is done.

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Managed Firewall

Another aspect of network security that is often overlooked is that a managed firewall service will constantly monitor the entire network to ensure no unauthorized devices connect. It can also detect any open ports on these machines for added protection against external threats.

Data Backup & Recovery

This type of MSP will automatically backup all your company’s data daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on what you need. You can also upload these files to the cloud for easy access from anywhere (or off-site backup). This level of protection is crucial for businesses with critical data.

Managed VOIP

If your business needs an enterprise-grade phone system but doesn’t have the budget for it, managed VoIP is another option. It will allow employees to call each other within the platform itself and transfer calls between different extensions as needed without having any technical knowledge whatsoever. In addition, this service integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, so all contacts are readily available in Outlook, while chat functionality allows users instant communication via MS Teams/Skype for Business, among others.

Managed Print Services

When it comes to printing, you’ll want a partner that will handle everything from the hardware installation and maintenance, toner replenishment as needed, printer repairs when they are broken down unexpectedly (and without disrupting your business), etc. This kind of managed print service is ideal for any company looking to streamline its day-to-day operations by removing yet another responsibility from its plate.

Managed Desktop Services

This type of managed IT service will: install all computers/laptops on your network and provide ongoing maintenance, including cleaning up viruses or malware when they strike unexpectedly, updating software regularly with security patches while removing old apps no longer being used, etc. Some even have remote desktop capabilities built into their services. If any issues arise during working hours, a technician can connect and fix them remotely without physically being in the office.

Managed File Transfer

If your company needs a way to securely share large files with outside parties such as vendors, clients, or even investors (if you’re looking for funding), managed file transfer is an ideal solution. It’s basically like Dropbox but offers additional security measures that aren’t found elsewhere, including multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and much more, so only those who need access will have it. At the same time, all other devices remain protected at all times.

Managed Email Server

Every company needs a way to communicate with clients and colleagues, so email is usually the best choice. However, suppose your business hosts its own server (which only IT knows how to maintain). Then, you’ll need an MSP that can manage this service for you without any downtime or interruptions in communication which will help keep your customers happy while keeping staff productive.

Improve Your Business With Managed IT Services

Companies that need help with these types of services can call on a managed IT services provider for assistance. These providers typically charge a flat monthly fee, which often includes the necessary equipment as well. In addition to saving you time and money, hiring an MSP will also give your business access to their expertise, so you don’t have to worry about making costly mistakes moving forward!

Contact us at SADOS today to learn how we can help manage your business IT services giving you more time to worry about what is important. Our team is always happy to assist your company in helping it grow and succeed!


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