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The Top Outsourcing IT Trends To Watch

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With rapid changes in technology, outsourcing in tech is rapidly heating up. In fact, the IT outsourcing industry is worth more than $370 billion.

But companies and individuals can profit from knowing the latest outsourcing trends and the future of tech.

We’re here to help. We’ve picked out the top outsourcing IT trends. Read on for the latest moves in this growing industry.

A Background on Outsourcing Trends

In the early days of outsourcing, businesses tended to use offshore outsourcers only for lower-risk tasks. That usually meant things like data entry or customers service jobs.

But those days are long gone.

Technology is making it easier for businesses to work with specialists outside their company. Positive outsourcing trends are letting companies cut IT labor costs. And these corporations are able to choose talent from global pools.

Companies seem to be taking advantage of these trends. In fact, outsourcing statistics show an increase in IT outsourcing spending in recent years.

But even with this recent boom, outsourcing isn’t without controversy.

Debate Surrounding Outsourcing IT Trends

Outsourcing IT trends are pointing up, but there are still groups that argue against the practice. They argue that outsourcing can lead to a breakdown in company control. Outsourcing opponents often argue it makes it hard to control quality or manage projects.

But growing trends in outsourcing suggest this is a losing argument for ambitious businesses. More and more, companies are looking to outsourcing to gain a business advantage.

Wondering what’s driving this growth?

Here are the top outsourcing trends to watch in the future:

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Competitive Sourcing

This outsourcing trend has caught on fast. And, it’s a strategy that lets businesses get a taste of individual styles without committing to a long-term deal.

Competitive sourcing lets professionals compete for jobs. That usually means they are placing bids or completing practice tasks before scoring a gig.

RPA is Growing

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is quickly becoming a part of corporate strategy. This strategy uses robots or AI to take on tasks.

Some might see RPA as a threat to human outsourcing jobs. But savvy contractors will learn to adapt and use robotics to their advantage.

More Focus on Security

As companies reach further across the globe, they are more exposed to security breaches. In response, more and more IT outsourcing clients are focusing on security.

Another thing that’s driving upped security is the popularity of cloud servers. As businesses move their sensitive information off of physical servers to the cloud, they want to avoid cyber threats. 

Rapid Software Solutions

Businesses are waking up to fast changes in technology. And they’re moving towards more agile solutions.

That means many groups are moving to design thinking that prepares for changes in technology.

Often that ends up being agile software that is set up in bursts. It also put a big focus on evaluating and improving technology systems.

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These top outsourcing IT trends should help groups set up for the future. In addition, we have much more in local IT support news.

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