VoIP How-To’s: How do I re-route calls to my phone number?

To modify the behavior of a phone number, In Services click “Phone Numbers”, then click “Edit”

The “Route To” section can be adjusted at any time per business needs. All incoming calls to the number will be routed based on the rule defined by this field.

Calls can be routed to the following options:

  • Extension – Calls process to the Extension and follow the extensions routing.
  • Sip Trunk – Calls process to Sip Trunk and follow sip trunk routing.
  • Phone – Calls process directly to the Phone and do not follow any additional routing. Note: if user does not answer caller will be disconnected.
  • Mailbox – Calls process to a Mailbox.
  • Group – Calls process to the Group and follow the groups routing.
  • Auto Attendant – Calls process to the Auto Attendant and follow the auto attendants routing.
  • Time Frame – Calls process to the Time Frame and will follow configured routing depending on time of day.
  • Conference – Calls process to a configured Conference.
  • Conference Hub – Calls process to the Conference Hub.
  • Queue – Calls process directly to configured Queue. Note: If this is selected the caller will not hear a ring, they will instantly hear hold music.
  • Outside Phone Number – Calls are forwarded to listed outside number. Note: This can not be another number in the same pbx.
  • Company Directory – Calls process to the Company Directory.
  • Check Voicemail – Calls process to the check voicemail application

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