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Dominick Fair

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

9 Top Tech Trends of 2019


This year technological advances border on science fiction and businesses are flocking to harness these new technologies to serve their customers better. Tech trends are fast moving and to stay relevant businesses must move equally as fast. 

With tech trends in a constant state of evolution, you must know which changes benefit your business and which ones are a drain on resources. 

Let’s take a look at nine of the biggest technology trends so far this year. 

1. Is Someone Taking My Data?

There’s paranoia among consumers when it comes to their private information. While customers want the convenience of doing business online, they want to know their data is safe and secure.  

This concern has been brought to the forefront in recent years as many high profile companies have had massive data breaches leaving their clients feeling violated.

From small businesses to extensive corporations data protection methods are rising to the challenge. Adding in multiple layers of protection, spam filters, and streamlining collection requirements companies are helping protect their clients better than before. 

2. Tech Trends in Artificial Intelligence 

Mention AI to anyone on the street, and you will get responses that will make you think of Will Smiths movie I-Robot. Complete with robots that advance beyond human thinking, scale buildings and take over the world. This, of course, is far from the truth. 

Artificial intelligence has a significant role in business analytics and helping companies to streamline information to serve their clients better. The ability to break down massive amounts of data and consumer trends in a way that businesses can make sense of it is a guiding feature of AI. 

Here are some common ways businesses can use AI to better their business practices:

  • Automation of Simple Repetitive Tasks
  • Voice-Activated Assistants (think Siri or Alexa)
  • Chat Bots
  • Mobile Apps
  • Processing Website Data 

There is a common fear that AI will take over jobs; however, the more businesses learn to harness the benefits of AI the more they will help rather than hinder the process. 

3. Blockchain

Unless you work in IT chances are the word blockchain is nothing more than a foreign concept. Generally associated with cryptocurrency, it’s now finding many other uses in a variety of industries. 

The simplest way to explain blockchain is that it’s a series of data that’s unchanging and controlled by many computers yet not owned by any of them. These computers are bound together using cryptographic principles. 

Whenever you purchase a ticket to a concert or purchase products online chances are you are a part of the blockchain process. 

With the current tech trends for blockchain, we’re going to find more substance, more of a presence in the financial industry and a continued convergence between the IoT and blockchain technologies. 

4. Digital Twin

A digital twin is merely taking a service, process or product and creating a virtual model of it. The benefits of the digital twin process are numerous for businesses and any business that fails to implement it will start to fall behind. 

The digital twin can analyze data, prevent problems, minimize downtime and help businesses plan for the future. 

5. Autonomous Devices

Robots, drones and self-driving cars are no longer a dream they’re now a large part of our lives. The past decade we have seen a surge in autonomous devices that not only help us personally but professionally. 

While meetings used to be held in offices now, thanks to technology, each person in the conference can be oceans away and dial in at the most straightforward vocal command. Siri, Google, and Alexa are prime examples of ways that businesses can use autonomous devices to conduct day to day business. 

One way businesses capitalize on autonomous devices is through delivery services, virtual assistants, security, and driverless vehicles. 

6. Immersive Experiences

When it comes to creating a memorable experience for your customers’ the immersive experience is among one of the top tech trends of 2019. The real estate industry is one that has taken full advantage of this method. 

By using 360 videos, they can capture the virtual version of what it is like to be in a home or building without the buyer having to be there in person.

Rolex is another company that has jumped on the augmented reality bandwagon with their virtual try-on watches. Wayfair is an excellent example of a home improvement app that allows the user to take a chair or piece of furniture and see what it would look like in the customers home before purchase.  

7. Edge Computing

As we are now in the height of cloud computing tech trends are now veering towards edge computing. This term may sound like nothing more than a buzzword created by a clever marketing department there are actual parameters that define its existence. 

Most people and businesses still have physical computers however the information accessed is stored in the cloud. To break it down it’s the difference between owning a blue ray copy of Aquaman versus having it stored in Vudu or Amazon movies. 

When we look at cloud computing, we see that everything that can be centralized is centralized. This means that the advancements we are looking for are now found on the edge of the cloud. 

8. Analytics 

With the apparent trend towards machine learning, it only makes sense that the current technology trends in analytics are among the top. As we advance, we will find more end-to-end digital decision-making platforms emerge. 

9. 5G Networks

Possible one of the most anticipated trends in technology is the arrival of 5G networks. Some places are up and rolling as others wait for their chance in the sun. At 10 gigabytes per second, cat memes will be streaming faster than ever before! 

Adaptation is Key 

Staying on top of the latest tech trends is vital to business success. If your business does not have the human capital to do so, then a managed services company is your best bet. Our team is here to help you navigate which changes your company should implement so never hesitate to give us a call with any questions. 

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

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