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Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

The Benefits Of Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Providing your staff with the right technology and tools for communication is essential, especially given how important it is. Your team requires flexibility in how they express themselves and collaborate, and unified communications can provide this. 

The benefits of unified communications can have several advantages that will help your employees operate. Therefore, it’s an excellent idea to make the transition to a unified communications system as soon as possible.

This article will explore the benefits of unified communications and how they can help your company become more efficient.

What Is Unified Communications?

A unified communications platform combines a phone system, video conferencing, chat, screen sharing, and file management into a single hub. It’s a turnkey solution that allows you to conduct any sort of conversation. Moreover, it exists in the cloud, so it’s available to all of your team members with an internet connection.

Benefits of Unified Communications

The benefits of unified communications may have a significant influence on your company’s daily operations, making it easier and more convenient for your workers to interact with one another, customers, and partners. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider moving to unified communications.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Every company strives to reduce bottlenecks and streamline operations. When you do, productivity and efficiency improve dramatically. Furthermore, unified communications allow your employees to do their jobs more efficiently. 

Throughout the day, they’ll save time on activities ranging from:

  • Taking calls offsite
  • Quickly sharing files with teammates to work on collaboratively
  • Having voicemail and faxes sent to their email
  • Starting video meetings quickly

Providing your staff with this technology may enable them to get more done in a day while also assisting you with some of the difficulties with communication that you may presently be facing. When workers can collaborate better with technology, time-consuming tasks that previously required days of back and forth can now be completed more quickly.

employee communicating efficiently

Savings on Communications

If you’re already utilizing legacy phones or hosting any communications tools on-site, this is likely depleting a significant portion of your IT budget. Everything on a unified communications platform runs using the internet. The phone system will be Voice over IP (VoIP) and will be able to interact with all of the other technologies.

Switching can save you money in a variety of ways:

  • No hardware or server infrastructure to set up or maintain.
  • Add users on your own from your dashboard without requiring a service call, which eliminates the need for third-party vendors.
  • Instead of being variable, your costs will be consistent every month, allowing you to plan more effectively.

Customer Service

Any business’s longevity is dependent on its ability to serve its consumers better and improve their experience. On the other hand, your current communications technologies may not be doing you any favors and could even impede your customer service efforts. For instance, employees will be able to see incoming calls, chats, and emails from any device with unified communications.

The ability to leverage a platform in this manner is significant. It’s also beneficial to have access to customer analytics, which are invaluable tools that can help you identify any problems that may arise or opportunities for further growth within your company.

Furthermore, using a platform enables you to integrate your CRM software (customer relationship management). As a result, whoever is assisting the client has access to all the related notes and critical information available. This contributes to quicker resolutions and indicates that you care about your customers’ needs.

Remote Workforce

Working remotely has become a winning model for businesses as of late, and remote workers are becoming increasingly necessary. Hiring remote staff allows you to seek talent outside your region while also being popular among many people in the industry. However, you could have questions about how to guarantee that remote workers have all they need.

Unified communications equip your remote workforce with access to all forms of communication in one platform. To be a useful member of the team, the remote employee only needs an internet connection, and then they can readily use all your network features.


Another benefit of unified communications is that you may scale it as your company expands without difficulty. This isn’t feasible with traditional telephony without a large investment, and it’s not quick or simple. Every communication technology will be integrated into a single user interface, so you’ll have no trouble adding more users or features on your own.

How to Implement Unified Communications in Your Company

Many companies are beginning to see the value in these unified communication platforms, and for good reason. Despite this fact, though, not every business has successfully made the switch. If your company does decide to implement this technology into its daily activities, you’ll need assistance with setting up all of the features that come included.

The initial cost involved with working with an IT management team or other staff who can assist you is well worth it if it means avoiding expensive mistakes and making sure that all of your needs are met during installation. Additionally, this platform will continue to grow along with your organization, so there’s no need to worry about switching once everything is installed correctly at first.

Imagine your business isn’t quite ready for a full-scale implementation yet due to budgetary constraints. In this instance, it’s still possible to get started with UC by setting up individual components within your existing telephony system. For example, you could add compatible features with other platforms while also taking advantage of the benefits associated with this technology.

No matter how you decide to integrate unified communications into your company, ensure that your staff is trained properly on all forms of communication before enabling them. Additionally, take note of any problems or messages that may come up while using the platform so they can be addressed quickly instead of becoming a headache for anyone involved in daily activities.

Workplace efficiency can have dramatic effects on your company’s overall productivity and profitability. Once established correctly, unified communications will give everyone in the organization easy access to everything they need to succeed.

SADOS for Unified Communications

When you are ready to take your company to the next level and create a unified communication system, you need a reliable service provider like SADOS. Our team of experienced experts will help you set up all the requirements and deliverables you’re looking for to make this important technology work seamlessly in your business environment.

To learn more about unified communications or the variety of IT services we offer, contact us today!

Dominick Fair

Chief Technology Officer

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