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Virtual Virtuoso: How to Master Your Virtual Private Cloud
Virtual Virtuoso: How to Master Your Virtual Private Cloud

The options for cloud services these days are virtually unending. There are public clouds, multi-cloud networks, and much more. 

So where do virtual private clouds (VPC’s) fit in?

Virtual private clouds are similar to public cloud services, but with much more protection and privacy. Essentially, a VPC is a division of the public cloud into private sectors.

It gives the same benefits of a private cloud, but are combined with the benefits and resources of a public cloud. 

Often, the terms virtual private cloud and private cloud are used synonymously but there is actually a big difference. Private clouds are run by a company’s internal IT department. VPC’s are run externally by a public cloud provider. 

Keep reading to find out how a virtual private cloud works and its many benefits. 

How Does a Virtual Private Cloud Work?

A virtual private cloud is run through a public cloud provider. It is the public cloud provider’s responsibility to keep your cloud information separate and private from its other cloud customers. 

Providers keep your information private through various methods like encryption, private IP addresses, or giving each customer a unique virtual private network (VPN) in the cloud. 

As a network user, you have the power to manage these different areas. You can define access capabilities, IP addresses, and other things. 

What Are the Benefits?

Is VPC right for you? The best way to determine this is to study out the pros and cons. 

One of the biggest benefits of VPC’s is their ability to offer private cloud benefits and control, with the accessibility of a public cloud. Like mentioned earlier, private clouds are run in-house by a company’s personal IT department. 

Obviously, running an in-house IT department can be very costly. VPC’s are a great way for companies to be able to access private cloud capabilities while being able to pay much less for them. 

Another benefit is security. As a VPC user, you will still remain in control of your content and accessibility while maintaining high levels of security. 

The cloud provider is motivated to uphold the highest level of security because their business depends on it. They will be able to provide a much higher level of security than any individual could normally obtain. 

Access to seamless upgrades is another benefit of VPC services. The provider will be able to provide upgrades across all user networks without any downtime on your end. 

Finding a Reliable VPC

A VPC is on off-premise service. Some companies claim that their servers will allow you to build a private cloud. These are not true VPC’s. With a true VPC, you will purchase a provider’s services and software. This software is the same for all cloud users.

If you are using a true VPC, you can add to your services without having to add any hardware or software. Updates will be added through the cloud automatically. 

Another key indicator is that companies will explicitly state that they offer virtual private cloud services. 

Is VPC Right for You?

The virtual private cloud route is a great option for many companies. You can have increased security while paying a fraction of the cost. 

Determine if VPC is right for you by considering what your company needs and weighing the benefits.

For more cloud service help, read our article on the benefits of cloud computing
· 66 posts
1 year ago
Nicholas Stafford is the Chief Operations Officer at SADOS. Since 2008, Originally a web developer, Nick has delivered conceptual solutions to clients ranging from prominent ivy league universities to enterprise class businesses. His portfolio includes comprehensive IT and digital work with Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, USO, King of Prussia District, AgileCat and many more. As chief of operations, Nick brings his expertise in programming with his unique hand in customer retention based experience to SADOS.

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After having many internet/wi-fi and phone issues for years at our office, SADOS has resolved them and made our workplace more efficient. We are so pleased with their commitment to finding the real problems, and their solutions to fix them. Dominick has been awesome – very responsive to our calls, and not happy until we’re happy. Thank you SADOS, Jon, and the team!

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When we moved our environment into the cloud we worked closely with SADOS. They were easy to work with and very responsive to our needs. They helped us navigate the intricacies of the AWS and perfected our network environment. Anyone looking to move their infrastructure to the cloud would be well-served by working with SADOS.

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Enforme used to host our own data-center. In doing so we had power costs, generator costs, cooling costs, hardware/warranty costs and many other costs that come along with hosting your own equipment. Now we have POP sites all over the world and double the resources at half the cost thanks to the cloud. Our cloud migration was one of the best decisions we could have made thanks to SADOS.

Eric Delente
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SADOS has been a great help. We contacted you to help migrate the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs to AWS Gov. Cloud. Their knowledge with cloud technology was an extreme help during this project. They prepared and created the infrastructure for this environment to allow future growth, fail over possibilities, and load balancing scenarios.

Chris Garver

Solid, experienced IT cloud transition partner specializing in moving traditional infrastructure environments to AWS and Azure. SADOS has the expertise and know how to help your company assess your current traditional infrastructure, formulate a transition plan and execute. In many cases, they can help you save thousands in monthly data center & support costs.

Walter Logue

SADOS’ willingness to provide immediate support during a dire time was a godsend. Their team is not only genuinely invested in the success of their customers, but also highly qualified and more willing to do what it takes to provide a broad range of IT support services compared to others. They genuinely care about my business. All the other vendors I spoke to only offered to set up an appointment and wanted to discuss pricing right away. SADOS was the only company willing to do what needed to be done right away without hesitation. is now where it needs to be thanks to SADOS.

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