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We have a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in data recovery, computer consulting, set-up and installation of hardware and software and removal of data before disposal or repurposing.


  • Data Recovery
    From large data centers to an individual flash drive, we specialize in recovering your data from all types of storage mediums and devices. RAID systems, hard drives, solid state drives, flash devices–it doesn’t matter! We can handle it all.
  • Data Recycling
    Data recycling is simply how we refer to items that have data stored, in which you would like to repurpose, reuse, donate or otherwise secure all personal data. Be proactive and let us help you setup private data protection. (After, we can even supply destruction certification).
  • Hardware Repair
    Repair service is usually more budget friendly than outright hardware replacement or recovery options. From Servers, PCs, Mac, MacBook, custom builds, tablets, phones, flash devices, etc. We can diagnose and offer repair services for your device in most instances.
  • Data Transfer
    Have a device or multiple devices that you want to keep or transfer existing data to? We can handle that for you. We can assist with data storage and transfer from RAID systems, hard drives, flash drives, tablets, or phones.
  • Computer Consulting
    Need a second opinion to see if you can get your data back? When dealing with a down system that has data you need and you have been told either your data is not recoverable, or you need to spend a lot to get your data back, seek a second opinion.
  • Computer Repair & Upgrades
    Have a virus? A malware infection? A problem you simply can’t fix? We can troubleshoot, as well as remedy, these maladies for you. Have a reliable PC, Mac, Linux, or other type of system that may be running slow or in need of an update?
  • Custom Build
    Have an idea or want a custom system built to your own specifications? Have a bunch of parts and you need someone to assist with assembly? Let us know and we can help with that too.
Common Issues

Here are some of the most common data recovery issues:

  • User makes an error while moving files.
  • Friend/Associate makes an error while moving files.
  • Reformatting.
  • Operating System Upgrade.
  • Hard drive gets knocked or dropped.
  • Over voltage.
  • Power outage.
Common Symptoms

Here are some of the most common data recovery symptoms:

  • Overheating.
  • No longer accessible.
  • Clicking, Grinding, or other audible indicators.
Common Types of Hard Drive Failure

There are several main types of hard drive failures:

Logical Failure.

Logical failure is a term commonly used when the storage device is healthy or at least operational (operational meaning the device can still perform read and write operations), however, the data on the device is not accessible for some reason. File system corruption, re-formatting, accidental deletion, and so on.

Electronics Failure.

Electronics failure is a term for any failed electronic components. Typical electronics failure causes are from over voltage, power outage, overheating, moisture, and symptoms like this.

Firmware Failure.

Firmware failure is a term used for a failure in the underlying code used by storage devices for operation. A “bricked” drive would typically be a firmware issue.

Mechanical Failure.

With the arrival of flash based devices (solid state drives, jump drives, memory cards and so on) Mechanical failures are rare since there are no moving parts. These devices can, and do, fail from Logical, Electronic and Firmware issues. Mechanical failure is used when there is an issue with the Read/Write heads assembly in the majority of hard drives or hybrid drives. This could also be used when there is a issue with bearings or motor assembly of some devices.

We use highly trained, experienced personnel, as well as proprietary tools and techniques to diagnose, stabilize, and recover your data for you.

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