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Your technology is integral to your daily operations and ongoing success. And it’s not just you that relies on your technology. Your clients do too!

Even small problems can incur substantial costs. The loss of data, security and time leads to more expenses if the repair is not employed promptly or correctly.

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Affordable, One-Time
IT Solutions

When things break, our break-fix team is just one call away.

Sometimes signing up for a monthly SLA agreement just for one IT problem doesn’t make sense. Don’t sweat it, SADOS is here to help, no matter how large or small your technical issue may be. 

We offer local business owners in Frederick County, MD fast, reliable & affordable solutions to their unexpected tech issues. Just pick up the phone, and a highly-trained, experienced & certified IT specialist will be on their way to you in no time!

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Providing One-Time Repairs to Any IT Issues in Frederick

SADOS offers Break-Fix IT solutions to all Frederick business owners. It is a one-time service we provide to businesses that need immediate support for either one problem, or a few problems.

You deserve to have a dedicated IT professional resolving the issue at hand without someone bothering you to acquire more than what is needed. We make your IT problem our sole concern, and our one-time service provides just that!

Sometimes business owners just need a quick fix to get back up and running. While we offer comprehensive managed IT, we also want to help those who need support now without the need for a long-term commitment.

IT Issues can extend to:

  • Networking
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Recovery
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Hardware and Software
  • Outdated Systems
  • Servers
  • Computers
  • And much more!

We are a full-service technology solutions provider proudly serving Frederick’s business owners for almost a decade. Whatever issue you’re experiencing, our dedicated team members will provide you with a quick & affordable solution, guaranteed.

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How Our Break Fix Solutions Work

After you call us for service, we’ll assign a dedicated, highly-skilled IT specialist or team of specialists depending on the problem to repair the issue either on-site or remotely.

We’ll assess the error(s), use the best, safest methods to troubleshoot them, then get your system up running in no time.

Our team takes a “new school” approach to IT problem-solving. The tech industry is evolving every hour of every day. We keep up with the newest methodologies to ensure maximum performance of your systems while reducing downtime load.

Defeat Your IT Issues Once & For All With SADOS

At SADOS, we believe in battling difficult problems head-on like Spartan warriors. Whether you need our help once, or more than once. We’re a full IT business solution firm who can handle any issues your organization may be experiencing. We approach the problem with the industry’s latest methodologies and practices that guarantee fast, efficient and long-term repairs. 

Our goal is to get you and your business back to work as quickly as possible without you having to worry about what is causing a system breakdown. Our focus on repairing your IT issues so that you can stay focused on your work is unmatched.

We understand the importance of technology in your daily operations. You rely on your technology to give your business an edge. It ensures your growth by automating tasks and improving your team’s communication.

When your technology starts to hinder your operations – instead of allowing them to grow, just give us a call. We’re standing by to help, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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