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Managed IT Services for Washington, D.C. Businesses

Business owners in the nation’s capital can benefit from these services in the fast-evolving age of digitalization and technology no matter what industry they are in

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6 Managed IT Services
For Your DC Business

Managed IT services can provide the benefit of an in-house IT department without the additional expense of onboarding new, permanent employees. Having a dedicated team to keep an eye on your devices and systems can ensure that business does not stop unexpectedly. SADOS’ priority support means that tickets are addressed quickly to minimize downtime during office hours.

Depending on your organization’s needs and structures, a plan can be tailored to offer the following solutions. 

IT Support

From small to large issues, IT Support can vastly improve your day-to-day operations. Whether a teammate has forgotten a password, someone can not connect to their printer, or a computer won’t start, a managed IT service provider can help your team get back up and running in no time. SADOS’ IT Support and Help Desk services are readily available to assist on-site or remotely.

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IT Cloud Services

Washington, D.C businesses should take advantage of cloud services to ensure their data and assets are secure, easily accessible, and that they can be accessed when needed. 

The cloud provides a digital space for companies to securely store data, software, and other files. Additionally, this solution aids organizations that may particularly benefit organizations that have transitioned to a remote or hybrid workforce.

Hardware and Software Installations

It can be challenging to keep hardware and software up to date. From updating your operating systems, or finding a new laptop for a new hire, your employees can keep you on your feet. Furthermore, it can be cumbersome to monitor for viruses. Partner with SADOS to automate your IT solutions and to help train your employees to utilize best practices for their devices. SADOS is always ready to go to provide you with technological support where needed.

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Disaster Recovery

In the event that a company faces a technological disaster, our team will help to create a contingency plan, even for remote situations. It is critical to act swiftly following an IT disaster to mitigate larger issues and minimize downtime. Furthermore, SADOS can help your business implement preventative procedures to avoid disasters. Having a plan in place can provide peace of mind and having the right team to support you can ensure you are back up and running promptly.

Network and Server Management

Businesses in Washington, D.C. need reliable technology and a trustworthy team. Organizations of all sizes can face drastic setbacks if their network or server has issues. Make sure you have the best infrastructure in place to take advantage of all your technology. SADOS can help in this area in a couple of ways: cloud computing or virtualization. Solutions such as these ensure that you can access all your data and assets reliably around the clock.

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Microsoft Office & Google Workspace Setup

Office & Google Workspace allows Washington, D.C businesses to work more efficiently across all teams and departments. SADOS can walk you and your employees through using the software and how to get the most out of Microsoft Office & Google Workspace for your everyday needs. With streamlined solutions such as Microsoft Office & Google Workspace, you can benefit from increased productivity and connectivity, even with remote staff whether they are in town or across the nation. 

SADOS can support the following tasks and so much more:

  • Syncing calendars
  • Accessing emails
  • Email recovery
  • Incorrect or forgotten user IDs and passwords
  • Customization of software