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Scalable Managed IT Solutions for MD Business Owners

A managed IT plan helps business owners with growing operations maintain and protect their technology in a way that is more flexible and affordable than doing it in-house.

We provide monitoring and tech support around-the-clock to help our clients take a proactive approach to their tech infrastructure and stay ready to tackle any challenge.

Because we offer a variety of plans for businesses of all sizes, your organization gets the support it needs at the right price. As your business grows, you plan can be scaled up to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Enhance, Protect, and Maintain Your Tech

We partner with business owners to help them keep their most vital technology in great shape. Modern businesses rely on their technology to carry out their daily operations. When systems break down, become outdated, or are compromised by a cyber attack, it can have a devastating impact on your bottom line.

Through 24-hour monitoring and help desk support, regular on-site maintenance calls and consultations, and carefully managed software and hardware updates; we can help you get in front of any issues and prevent them before they become costly and time-consuming issues.

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Why Choose SADOS?

Here at SADOS, we take a “new school” approach to IT management. Business owners today don’t need excuses, they need solutions. We do whatever it takes to address our clients’ needs. We don’t limit our thinking to what “should” be or what some dusty old textbook says.

Our technology is evolving at a rapid rate. Our engineers and technicians stay on top of current trends and employ innovative strategies to find solutions that simply work.

Our Managed IT Plans

The biggest advantage of partnering with a managed IT company is having a customized suite of services that meets your organization’s unique needs. We offer a variety of plans to suit businesses of all sizes.

For more information about what is included in these packages, please see our pricing below:

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