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Drive business forward with complete user management + permission administration. SADOS will handle all of these requests so you can get the most productivity out of your suite of software + apps.

Software provisioning & management

Provisioning software and ensuring the correct permission-levels are granted to each employee is essential to day-to-day operations. But, configuring users to ensure their data is secure can be a difficult job in its own. Our team of IT experts will assume these responsibilities and manage requests such as:


Claire 11:31AM

Hey SADOS, I need access to SharePoint , can you help me get setup for the first time? 👩🏻‍💻

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Hi Claire, no problem! We'll pass of this request to your manager. Once approved, we'll remote into your laptop and configure your access.


Claire 11:32AM

Awesome, thanks!

drive permissions

Cloud drive permissions with IPS

Your cloud drive is the central hub of your organization. Where your employees create and share your data should be easy to navigate. But, when it comes to security, access management is essential to avoid compromised data. SADOS IT Experts will ensure your cloud drive is accessible, navigable, and your data remains secure.

View access policies
via the SADOS Platform

Gain insight into which employees and roles have access to shared files from within the SADOS Platform. Manage, provision and de-provision these permissions by simply asking our support team. We’ll handle issues including:

cloud configuration

Support for the Apps
You Already Use

We understand that applications can be critical to your day-to-day tasks. Our team of IT experts can provide support for 50+ of the world’s leading SaaS products that perform CRM, collaboration, storage, data management functions and more.

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