Cloud Computing

Working in the cloud optimizes workflow.

Run critical applications, store data, operate virtual machines, and much more without the need for physical hardware in the office. Available in 17 data center regions worldwide.

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Grow your business faster
with cloud computing

Cloud computing empowers teams to share information and data more easily, quickly, and efficiently while ultimately cutting costs. By using SADOS cloud computing solutions, you’ll be able to:

Access your data securely from anywhere

Save and backup data and files on a vast scale. Empower remote-working opportunities and share files and data with your clients, vendors, or business partners. Create video conferencing and file-sharing tools and stream to any audience. Quickly access and modify files within the cloud without changing hardware or software programs.

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Connect to your data at lightning speed

By utilizing offsite hardware, massive amounts of computing power can be acquired immediately, negating network lag or overloads. As a result, your company can receive cutting-edge performance without suffering for it.

Eliminate physical hardware

Cut costs when you move to the cloud. Virtualizing your data eliminates the need for on-premise server hardware, maintenance and upgrades. You’ll get the best technology for one monthly cost.

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Infinitely scale your business

Cloud computing creates room for your business to grow, unrestrained by hardware or software updates. Never fall behind again.

Can My Business Benefit
From Cloud Computing?

Companies of all sizes can and do utilize cloud computing with great success.

Small Business Friendly

Cloud computing provides small businesses with the same technology as big companies at a fraction of the cost, leveling the playing field and providing ample growth opportunities.

Enterprise Ready

Corporate enterprises benefit from cloud computing by saving them money on infrastructure costs, increasing productivity through cloud-based collaboration tools like document sharing and chat

Government Optimized

Government customers utilize public cloud services for their bank-level security, compliance, cost efficiency and ability to scale quickly.

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