Employee On/Offboarding

Streamline the new hire process with ease.

Automatically equip employees with new computers, mobile devices, apps and emails accounts with ease.

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Onboarding employees
doesn't have to be a full-time job

Onboarding/offboarding is more than just device procurement. It’s essential to manage software licenses and manage all company property accordingly, among other things. It’s your stuff after all!

Devices pre-configured and optimized for success

Most roles demand different levels of onboarding. With the right solution, your team can be onboarded efficiently. Thus, decreasing the time it takes to get everyone up to speed. The first step involves understanding your business’s culture, expectations, and goals during the orientation process. 

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Onboarding Assistance

Make your new hires feel right at home. We’ll take care of the heavy-lifting duties once considered a full-time job.

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Offboarding Assistance

We’ll make sure all data and property is returned when an employees access is terminated. Offboarding also involves terminating an employee’s access to various resources, including company networks and resources, email accounts, etc.

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Why On/Offboarding
is Essential

As remote work roles increase in popularity, SADOS stands ready to support your team no matter where they are, anywhere, at any time of day.

Proper Onboarding
Saves Time

We’ll install your pre-approved suite of apps on new devices, configure email accounts, manage licenses and much more so that your business is firing on all cylinders, all the time.

Proper Offboarding
Saves Reputation

Know where your data is during and after a hires employment. We’ll wipe old devices remotely and return them to for future use while ensuring your data remains securely within your ecosystem.

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We Handle the Process,
So You Don't Have To

Welcome a new hire anywhere, anytime. Our platform allows for easy onboarding/offboarding in just a fraction of the time that it would normally take with a conventional in-house team.