Managed IT Services

Managed IT for
Every Size Business

Managed IT Services is the complete IT solution for businesses that rely heavily on technology to support their everyday operations.

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5 Benefits of
IT Management Services

Managed IT isn’t just maintenance; it’s proactive maintenance. Managed IT Services gives you a new degree of control over your computer system maintenance. Some of the potential benefits include: 

Real-time IT Support

Give your employees peace of mind with our 24/7 help desk, staffed with 100% US-based technicians. Our dedicated teams can assist with tasks ranging from password problems to complete server outages with ease.

real time it support
network server management

Proactive Network
& Server Management

Protect, secure and optimize your network and server hardware from would-be hackers, disasters, and eventual wear-and-tear.

Complete IT Security

End-to-end protection for every device on your network. including enterprise-class malware/ransomware protection with automatic definition updates, regular OS patching, two-factor authentication, password management and more.

complete it security
managed it services no downtime

Eliminate Downtime

Pass off the tasks of scheduled maintenance to SADOS. We run pre-approved security updates during nights and weekends so that your business is ready at the start of every day.

Regular Patching/Updates

Procurement Discounts

Having your IT system managed by highly qualified technicians, rather than manual work by untrained staff, decreases the chances of physical damage to your systems.
complete it security

What's Included in
IT Management?

Pass the responsibility of network, server, device, and employee security and support from your team, to ours – allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

24/7 Support + Monitoring

Support for your apps, devices and hardware never stops. That’s why our team is available around-the-clock by phone, email and chat.

Intrusion Protection

Protect your systems from hackers. We use industry-leading technology to prevent unwanted access into all aspects of your apps, devices and hardware.

Disaster Recovery

Accidents happen. Prevent the unexpected with daily, multi-redundancy backups of your most critical data in our secure data centers across the world.

24/7 on-site support
available nationwide

While SADOS offers on-site support for locations nationwide, customers in these areas receive Priority Pass next-day support when available.

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