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Eliminate downtime, connectivity issues, and upgrade phobias . With network and server management from SADOS, your technology space is protected, secured and optimized around-the-clock by our team of certified IT specialists.

Hardware Management

Hardware management looks at all the aspects of the physical hardware of your servers. Aspects like CPU power, RAM storage, hard drive storage, and even the server’s environment are all encompassed by this category. If any element of the hardware fails, it can significantly impact the performance of the other three types, which translates to your business as a whole.

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Software Management

Although not always obvious, you should regularly monitor the software side of your servers to ensure they’re operating as efficiently as possible. Keeping your servers as lightweight as possible by uninstalling any unnecessary software will help with speed and responsiveness. Also, staying updated with the most recent patches ensures that you’re not risking any possibility of corrupting files or data on your server.

Security and Backups

The final two aspects of proper server management are security and backups. In a world of cyberattacks and vulnerabilities, ensuring that you follow the best protocols and practices is critical to maintaining server integrity. SADOS offers complete security consulting on your servers to provide peace of mind, as well as regular backups to ensure your data will always be there for you.

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Complete Network Management

We offer full architecture, deployment, management, and maintenance on all aspects of the network to keep your business online. This is the foundation for expanding to virtualization and cloud computing, which are becoming the industry’s new norm and we’re happy to assist you in whichever direction your business takes.

Always Online

Prevent downtime. We monitor your network 24 hours a day and are instantly notified of any downtime. In the event of an outage, we’ll work with your ISP to get you back up and running.

Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your network from hackers. We use industry-leading technology to prevent unwanted access into your network.

Hardware Replacement

Keep business moving. We replace broken or defective hardware such as firewalls, access points, and switches when an outage is detected.

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