Policy & Compliance

Security for every layer of your business.

Protect your workforce from unilateral threats with regulatory frameworks and security protocols that are integrated, not stacked on top.

We never sell/distribute your personal information to third-parties. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

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Your data belongs to you

Our belief is that your data should remain yours, no matter where it’s stored or accessed. That’s why we ensure it stays safe from would-be hackers, dark web, and the public.

Security for every device

Eliminate vulnerabilities at the device-level with industry-standard configuration models and MDM (Mobile Device Management) policies across your entire organization.

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Security for every app

Enforce robust security policies for your SaaS apps to protect your data further with 2FA, Single-Sign-On, and role-based access rights.

Security at the network level

Shield your company from network-level threats with our combined expertise and partnership with the industry-leading network product manufacturers.

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Compliance Starts Here

SADOS empowers your business with the most common regulatory frameworks to pass compliance. We’ll handle the difficulties associated with such a large undertaking and take care of the document reporting as well.


If you process, store, or transmit credit card data, PCI DSS applies to you. SADOS can ensure your company protects itself and its online customers.


If you’re in the healthcare industry, this compliance includes various standards and requirements regarding health data, and patient records, among other things.

GDPR Ready

If you process the personal data of your customer base, or you offer goods or services to such people, then the GDPR applies to you your business.

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