Procurement and Provisioning

Equip your team with the best technology

Buying new hardware or software? We’re partnered with the best so your team gets the best with a steady supply of computers, servers, and network hardware for your team to succeed.

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Industry-leading technology
at affordable rates

Empowering your workforce with the best technology hardware has never been easier. SADOS will take care of the procurement and provisioning of your new devices so you won’t have to.

Repair and Replace Your Existing Hardware

We’ll work with your company to provide consulting services on circulated devices and software versions and provide recommendations on areas that should be upgraded. 

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Save Big with Discounts Exclusive to SADOS

We’re partnered with the industry-leading server and computer manufacturers to give you the best pricing available. Whether new or refurbished, you can count on us to take care of hardware upgrades or failures the same way we do for ourselves.

Free Technology Audit

Using technology as our tool, we’ll discover how we can improve your day-to-day operations through the best practices we’ve learned about from this decade.

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Solutions that Grow with You

Work with our experts to ensure that your network remains online as your business continues to expand. One of the most common struggles for smaller enterprises is growing out of their network capabilities, and we’re here to help.

Tech Partners

We offer unparalleled support and savings for tech buys. Discover just a few of the vendors we are affiliated with in order to get your business running on rocket fuel.

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Paving the Way for Future Trends

Our team is always looking ahead at business trends to help you gain a leg up in the competition. As provisioning specialists, we ensure that we do our due diligence on the latest and greatest technologies to keep your operations running efficiently. 


We’ll leverage our partner network of computer manufacturers to get the best new and used computers based on your preference. Most purchases come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Network Hardware

Servers, access points, firewalls and everything in-between operate on a grueling 24/7 schedule. When it’s time to upgrade, we’re here to get you the best deals for your investment.

Mobile Devices

We’ll make sure your team is operating with the best mobile device technology including dual-phone number devices, tablets, and our advanced MDM (Mobile Device Management) service.