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Owning a business in Dallas, Texas can be demanding and comes with a myriad of challenges, let alone technological challenges. These can be frustrating, can affect your employees, and may negatively impact your clients. 

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SADOS is dedicated to providing your Dallas, Texas business with reliable outsourced IT Support around the clock regardless of your size or industry. By acquiring IT Support services, businesses are able to focus on growing their business rather than worrying about keeping their IT infrastructures up to date, secure, and optimized. Our thorough monitoring and proactive approach to technology can also stop IT issues from occurring altogether. If you are a Dallas, Texas business owner consider partnering with SADOS for your IT Support needs.

Why Your Dallas, Texas Business
Needs IT Support Services

Technology constantly evolves to meet the demands of its consumers and each year, the technology is supposedly newer and faster and can bring with it, the promise of more efficiency.

It can be difficult to weigh out all your options and chose the best ones for your company. Oftentimes, we hear questions such as:

What are the differences in specs? 
How do you know it’s time to retire your laptops? 
Do I need a new device or do I just need to restart my computer?
Why do I need to upgrade my operating system?

SADOS can help answer those questions and help you decide when to update, what to skip, what to save on, and when to splurge on these advancements. 

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Help Desk

Fast, expert IT support via phone, chat, email our your business Office/Slack tenant

Network Management

Comprehensive protection, maintenance, and monitoring of your businesses network


Secure management and protection of your businesses on-site and cloud-based servers


Complete protection, maintenance and monitoring of computers and mobile devices

Fast, Accessible
Real-time IT Support

Outsourcing your IT support can be a cost-effective way to ensure that your IT needs are being taken care of by dedicated professionals. When you choose to work with SADOS, you pay for just the services you need and can take full advantage of our IT team. With our superior services, you will forget that we are not actually in-house. 

The alternative to outsourcing your IT is having an in-house IT team, but that can involve recruiting (internal or external), interviewing, vetting, hiring (granted that the candidates meet your qualifications), and training. This takes time and energy away from critical team members that may be necessary for your areas of operation. 

Organizations in various industries struggle with IT issues that can create downtime and rack up unexpected expenses. You can bypass the frustration and hassle of monitoring and maintaining your equipment and take back your valuable resources when you partner with SADOS.

With SADOS’ end-to-end IT solutions, your technology is accounted for, consistently monitored, and maintained on a regular basis. Reach out to SADOS for a more accurate quote of your tailored IT plan for your Dallas, Texas organization.

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James 1:04PM

Hey Brett, I'm locked out my computer again. Can you reset my password?

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Mary 2:26PM

Hey Brett, I'm locked out my computer again. Can you reset my password?

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Brett 2:26PM

We have a new partner for IT support who can help you out. Just ping @SADOS and they'll get right on it.

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David 2:09PM

Hi Brett, my VPN won't connect. Can you look into this?

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Angela 2:11PM

Brett! I can't access the shared drive, I think it needs to be remapped. Urgent! Can you help?

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