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If you are a Washington, D.C. business owner in need of IT Support, we are here to help. If your IT infrastructure is outdated it is most likely that other areas of your business may be suffering. 

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When you choose to partner with SADOS you get IT expertise as well as a partner you can trust to help you take your business to the next level and remain competitive within your industry. 

Benefits of Washington, D.C
IT Support Services

Washington, D.C. business owners know that technology is going to keep advancing. To get the most out of their business they need to be able to get the most out of their technology. You may not be in the technology industry, but without the IT support you need your business will struggle to flourish. 

Without proper IT infrastructure, you will likely face technological challenges that seem to continuously pop up. And even worse, the customers you got into business to take care of may not be able to benefit from the products and services you offer. They may have no other choice but to take their business to a competitor.

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Help Desk

Fast, expert IT support via phone, chat, email our your business Office/Slack tenant

Network Management

Comprehensive protection, maintenance, and monitoring of your businesses network


Secure management and protection of your businesses on-site and cloud-based servers


Complete protection, maintenance and monitoring of computers and mobile devices

Fast, Accessible
Real-time IT Support

In today’s economy, every business strives try to stretch its budget. With IT support services, you can cut expenses and reallocate your funds elsewhere. You simply pay for the services you need without the worry of staffing an entire IT team. Oftentimes, for less than the cost of one full-time IT employee, you can have a whole team at your disposal with an IT support services contract.

When you go the traditional IT route, you have to vet and build a team of experts. Building, and managing that team takes time and energy away from other important tasks. At the very least, you need a manager to oversee projects, and other team members to pitch in with logistics. 

With end-to-end IT Support services, all facets of your technology life cycle are accounted for, giving you the freedom to focus on core business functions that help grow your business. With SADOS, you only pay for what you need.

  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Network and server setup and configuration
  • Cloud computing and virtualization
  • Office 365 support
  • Help desk services
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James 1:04PM

Hey Brett, I'm locked out my computer again. Can you reset my password?

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Mary 2:26PM

Hey Brett, I'm locked out my computer again. Can you reset my password?

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Brett 2:26PM

We have a new partner for IT support who can help you out. Just ping @SADOS and they'll get right on it.

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David 2:09PM

Hi Brett, my VPN won't connect. Can you look into this?

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Angela 2:11PM

Brett! I can't access the shared drive, I think it needs to be remapped. Urgent! Can you help?

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